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Tilda Moyo now knows too much about sex, she thinks its a game!

22 May

t seems Tilda Moyo has now graduated from radio sex shows on StarFM to an expert on rape, women’s rights, prophetic healing and other things overnight. While Tilda Moyo was applauded for exposing the rogue prophet who was on a rampage healing women with medication administered by his penis, I am of the view that she is now missing the point by arguing in court that the women could not have been raped since they consented. This is most unfortunate and could cause more harm to vulnerable women from these so-called men of God. It is reported that on Friday 19 May 2017 Tilda Moyo gave this evidence before a Harare magistrate. The report can be found on the following link:

For starters, Tilda Moyo knows fully well after having interviewed this so-called prophet that he deceived womenfolk claiming he had the powers to heal different ailments. It is a fact, that people in Zimbabwe and across Africa have beliefs that traditional healers and prophets have healing powers. Whether they are tricksters or not remains a question to be answered on the “day of judgement” I guess. There is no need to look for any more evidence or motive in this case. It is neither here nor there to want to blame the victim or these three women in question for such a crime arguing that they should have known better. This so-called prophet is a liar, a cheat and deceived vulnerable women who were desperate and looking for help. He is a vulture preying on peoples’ weaknesses, naivet’es or whatever we might want to call it. What kind of a society will we become if we fail to protect such vulnerable people from sex predators like Onbert Mapfumo?

Tilda Moyo is reported to have mentioned in court that if the women had been “delivered” maybe they would not have complained or come out. This forms the crux of the matter Tilda Moyo. If the women were not delivered”, or “saved” and to make matters worse someone sought to deliver and administer his medication using his penis then clearly there was rape. There is no healing that can be administered through sex except for consenting adults. This prophet lied to these women that he could treat them. When they got to him he proposed to use his penis to insert the medication or whatever it is he was delivering. Who knows what force, what threats, what spiritual curses were thrown at these women before they capitulated? Pafungei ipapo sisi Tilda.

If we do not have a name to call these new rapists operating Ponzi scheme sex rings, then we need to find new names and legal penalties rather than dismiss the rape cases alleged by the women involved. Tilda Moyo’s opinions are quite distracting, overly misleading and will take the fight against women’s abuse in Zimbabwe centuries back.

Tilda Moyo reportedly noted that the victims had not made any police reports after their ordeals allegedly because the prophet claimed he was a member of the CID. This alone should ring bells in Tilda Moyo’s head. Tilda Moyo knows very well what the mere mention of CID, CIO etc. brings to Zimbabweans: – fear, impunity and torture. This is not just an opinion but a reality taken from how these institutions have been depicted in Zimbabweans’ daily lives. So, I would want to know from Tilda Moyo what she would have expected these now painted “naïve” women to do when they were faced with such a callous rapist who clothed himself with the CID badges of perceived “impunity, violence, disappearances etc.” .

If anything, this so-called prophet must be reigned in for impostoring and use the name of the CID in disrepute. Haha! I laugh though – but that’s a story for another day.

Where Ponzi and pyramid schemes have been used to con people of their hard-earned monies this has been called fraud and all sorts of criminal names. How is this so-called prophet, Onbert Mapfumo different from such fraudsters? The fact that he is transacting in vaginas does not make him less of a criminal, does it?

While it might have been necessary for the Judge Hosiah Mujaya to get to the bottom of this matter by calling in Tilda Moyo, this testimony, evidence or whatever it is must be thrown out and not be used in this case. It would be irresponsible for such things to happen in Zimbabwe. Unless of course this Onbert Mapfumo can prove that he was in love relationships with these three women who now claim to be his victims then clearly he raped them through trickery and coercion. He lied that he was a healer and also intimidated them using the name of the most dreaded security agency in Zimbabwe. Clearly it will be difficult now to get evidence of soiled clothes, DNA, ripped underwear etc. but the truth of the matter is that this Onbert Mapfumo is a rapist.

End of story!

For now, we wait to hear from the learned judge.


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