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To hell with you Mr. Government Man!

28 Apr

So we wake up Friday morning and at 6:30am the occasional occurrence does happen. The ZESA thing happens again – Magetsi aenda! It is cold and honestly I am not going to take a cold shower, (listen to me … what am I saying – I also can’t even bath as well because every time there is a power cut the water goes away (and I also do not have the money to be buying water from these people who supply water – for God’s sake what kind of a business is this); I do not have pressed clothes; our kids need to eat before they go to the play centre and honestly, everything just becomes messed up.

Luckily there is a pair of jeans that doesn’t look too wrinkled and I decide that I will put those on and hopefully I won’t bump into that many people who will notice the crisses. The good wife tells me that she will warm up some water for all of us. I feel pity for her but am grateful that she has offered to do that and also that she thought far ahead and saved some water and some cooking gel fuel (I told myself and her a long time ago that I would not put money into a car that cannot carry us anywhere or move – this thing called the Generator – I will not buy it – for what?!!! – for starters I can’t afford it and worse still I do not have the money to be buying fuel to run it.

Anyway, after a lot of chaos, we all get prepared and go our separate ways. Around 4pm I get a call that the power is not yet back and the gel fuel is getting finished. I am told that I either have to take people to Nando’s or buy some more gel fuel. But then I’m thinking I do not have the money for all that. There are groceries at the house and people must just find something to eat from the fridge and pantry. But then again, people cannot eat raw meat or even uncooked mealie meal or rice.

During the day I meet a colleague who is complaining about the same problem of not having electricity for two whole days. And he tells me that the meat that he had in their fridge has now gone bad and had to be given to a neighbor who hopefully will feed it to the dogs rather than just clean and cook it; the margarine has all but melted; they have to use firewood to warm up their bathing water; food has to be cooked using firewood; haaaa don’t even ask about his clothes… I could smell the smoke; the perfume could not even mask the pungent smell of the smoke – I’m sure he had ironed the clothes using iron yemarasha or something like that.

10pm, we are still sitting in the dark – of course with candles providing the much needed light. Half cooked food has now been prepared with the little gel fuel that was there. The kids have gone to bed and am sitting there thinking, WHAT THE HELL DID WE DO WRONG TO DESERVE THIS KIND OF TREATMENT FROM THIS GOVERNMENT?

Something tells me that I should not just blame the government (HURUMENDE) because they are “under sanctions”; it is a “UNITY Government”; that they are busy with the “COPAC”; that some of them are “NEW” in government and are still learning the ropes. But then again, I say no: TO HELL WITH YOUR GOVERNMENT – I DON’T EAT,WASH, and BATH YOUR GOVERNMNT! All I want is for you provide order in this country – if you can’t do it then give those who can a chance!

I got up at 4am today to check on the kids and see if they were tucked in properly … you know how kids have the tendency to kick the blankets off when they are sleeping. My little niece, Tendai then asks me why I’m walking in the dark and why I’m not switching the lights on. She is only 7 for God’s sake and she sits right up and asks me why we do not HAVE a GENERATOR LIKE BA Fari FROM NEXT DOOR? I try to ignore the question but she insists and wants to know why I am so cruel that I have to make them live in a house without power; which makes them have dinner late; miss their cartoons (I paid for DSTV as well because ZTV is crap and who will deny it and now my hard earned $85 is going to waste) and wear clothes that are not pressed.

I am forced to tell her that Ba Fa is from the GOVERNMENT and that’s why he can afford the generator. But then and by that I have made things worse – she now wants to know what a GOVERNMENT IS AND HOW THOSE FROM THE GOVERNMENT CAN AFFORD THINGS THAT WE CANT? Ahhh well, I tell her that these ones from the GOVERNMENT  are special because  THEY EAT ON OUR BEHALF and we work for them, pay them every month so that we can buy them cars – big cars like MERCEDES; DISCOVERIES; LAND ROVERS, JEEPS; BMWs and so on so that they can work and provide for us. I also tell her that these people from government earn very little but somehow they get school fees for their children paid from our monies; their medical bills paid for from our money; some of them even have their groceries bought for them using our money; and some of them go to this place called the CMED  where they get their cars refueled everyday because they are working for us; they even get fuel to power their generators; some of them even have SECURITY at their houses and that is why you always see policeman with guns outside some of the houses around ours – because they are special and have to be protected.

After about thirty minutes she falls asleep and I decide to go back to bed, but then I can’t sleep thinking that for all I know – I have been a good CITIZEN – I pay my bills, and respect the rules of the country BUT I STILL GET SCREWED left, right and center by you Mr. GOVERNMNT.

But I’m telling you, this can’t go on forever…you must be joking and seriously out of your mind to think that I will let you ruin my life and that of my children and my relatives and my friends and friends of friends and the rest of Zimbabwe because you think there is something special about you. Mufunge zvenyuka, there is nothing OUT OF THIS WORLD ABOUT GOVERNING. Anyone can do it! And trust me, even some of us can do it…TELL ME; what is special about balancing books?, knowing your priorities when it comes to spending?, knowing not to steal and personalizing resources that are not yours?; knowing that people must be provided with clean water, power, and medical drugs and so on?.

Call yourselves whatever you want… Hitler trillion times; CDE this or that …the young people of this country will not allow you to continue on this path. When young people set themselves alight, and professionals commit suicide it is not because they are mad or they do not understand the value of life. The fact of the matter is that they would have reached a point where there will nothing to live for anymore. And this is exactly where w are going in this country and it is a fact.

This misery – THAT YOU SUBJECT US TO … having to drink dirty water (YOU WANT TO TELL ME EVRYTHING IS FINE WHEN MY CHILDREN ARE EXPOSED TO TYPHOID AND CHOLERA EVERYDAY OF THEIR LIVES …YOU MUST BE JOKING ME!!!; endless days without electricity; expensive food; unemployment and so on cannot and will not go on forever. Your days of inventing CORRUPTION X5; NEPOTISM par excellence; EATINGONOUR BEHALF SYNDROMES whilst others are developing Microsoft; Face book; Twitter; Apple Computers, life saving vaccines and so on are numbered. The people will take over and they are going to send you packing and you will go KUMUSHA and don’t forget Mr. GOVERNMENT that they will ask you to leave whatever it is that you can’t prove you earned honestly, rightly and worked for!

Zimbabwe Higher education institutions must not become playgrounds for charlatans!

10 Apr

Zimbabwe Higher education institutions must not become playgrounds for charlatans!.

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