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You garrulous Nathaniel; ZANU PF must just deliver the 2 million jobs it promised!

31 Jul

Dear George/Nathaniel Manheru/Charamba I see you have taken it upon yourself to issue two very arrogant salvos one on 23 July 2016: ( and another on 30 July 2016 ( on the demand for the 2 million j…

Source: You garrulous Nathaniel; ZANU PF must just deliver the 2 million jobs it promised!

You garrulous Nathaniel; ZANU PF must just deliver the 2 million jobs it promised!

31 Jul

Dear George/Nathaniel Manheru/Charamba

I see you have taken it upon yourself to issue two very arrogant salvos one on 23 July 2016: ( and another on 30 July 2016 ( on the demand for the 2 million jobs promised by ZANU PF in the last election. Well, as a ZANU PF stalwart this would have been expected. Would it not have been a misnomer for everyone in ZANU PF to go mute faced with such brutal truths/questions about the party’s failure to deliver on these and other social goods? However, as much as you are entitled to your opinion, there is plenty of hogwash in your responses which is utterly false and call on you as a citizen to reflect on. Contrary to your beliefs ZANU PF as the governing party has a duty to all its citizens to provide social goods of which the promised two million jobs are part of!

“ZANU PF will deliver jobs to its constituents”

Well come now, Cde Charamba. This is the kind of nonsense you tell your children or party stalwarts who are ready to listen without question. Yes indeed, ZANU PF in its 2013 campaign promised to deliver two million jobs – the simple question that is being asked now is where those jobs are. The truth of the matter is that the Zimbabwean economy is in a comatose state and no new meaningful jobs have been created since the last election. If any meaningful jobs have been created give us the numbers in any sector. Why do you want to “speak in tongues” and advise on where young people should go and find the jobs. Do you not know that it is almost impossible to look for a needle in a haystack? I don’t think you expect anyone to believe that there are jobs that have been created by ZANU PF and they have been given only to ZANU PF supporters.

This same divisive nonsense that you allude to about ZANU PF working towards rewarding its own is what makes your party starve people in Zimbabwe’s rural areas without shame – confiscating grain from donor agencies and dishing it out to ZANU PF supporters lying that it came from Baba. Pity you can’t “grab” any two million jobs to dish out.

Why should ZANU PF govern to MDC’s benefit?

Don’t you see that you are contradicting yourself by asking such a puerile question? The political party in power is supposed to provide what it promised to deliver in its election manifesto. You go on to mention that as a political party ZANU PF is preoccupied with retaining power and gaining new votes. How do you expect to retain the same votes when even your own supporters don’t see the benefit of what you promised to deliver as a party let alone any new voters? Yes you have delivered land, but where are the two million jobs you promised?

University education is about building survival skills

Indeed, in the normative sense this is true. But in real life, you have managed to teach young Zimbabweans that the real life skills that anyone needs to learn is to join ZANU PF, get into commissions, government agencies and milk institutions like PSMAS and other state enterprises (ZANU CASH COWS) from Board sitting allowances amounting to $200 00/month or more. Your party sucks these students’ parents’ taxes dry on a monthly basis from your fuel rations; security allowances; school fees allowances etc. and you want to be garrulous standing there on a high pedestal talking about university and survival skills. Get off that high horse and come down to earth Cde! You can at least have the decency to “eat” quietly and not insult those who look after you.

You even become insulting that you are looked after by “matoto”. What crap, why don’t you declare all your assets and income and see if what you are worth can be traced to that chicken business back in Buhera. Why don’t you just say the matoto you are referring are the small sums of income taxes brutally chopped from civil servants salaries? You the son of Charamba, the one with the foul mouth wazvimbirwa manje! “Murume mukuru, unenge pwere sei. Kugaro ropodza zvisina maturo?”

Questions for you:

  • Bank Loans: What banks are giving money to young people’s “startups” in this day and age where your government has run down the economy and is even trying to reintroduce the Zimbabwe dollar through your party’s “bond papers”?


  • Looted Youth Fund: What happened to the Kurera/Ukondla Youth Fund – how many even of your ZANU PF two million party faithful accessed this money? Of the ones that got the huge chunk of it, how many have repaid so that even your own can benefit as well?


  • Teaching jobs: You want people to go and teach – where? Has your government not frozen all civil servants and teaching positions countrywide? Let those who have gone to teaching practice teach and let others find work elsewhere.


  • Sinister Statutory instruments – OGIL: You are mistaken as your fellow comrades to think that Zimbabweans are clamoring to import “chilies” and that we enjoy crossing the border just in a bid to destroy Zimbabwean industries. Infact, the biggest conspiracy comes from your ZANU PF. Coming up with such irrational policies to ensure that your “tuck-shops” called supermarkets enjoy free reign by importing duty free the same chilies and selling them at chopped up prices in Chitungwiza and Masvingo. You bar yoghurts and other dairy products so that you can prop up your overpriced dairy products from Mazoe.


  • The lucrative Construction industry: Maihwe zvangu, graduates to look for contracts where? Who are you trying to fool here? Let your government open up the tendering processes and stop giving contracts to yourselves and all will be well.


  • Trying to court the diaspora remittance in a foolish manner: It is folly that in your garrulous behavior you still see that your behavior defeats what Chinamasa and Mangudya are trying to do by courting diaspora funds. So now you come down to earth and try to convince young people to convince those in the diaspora to bring the money for you so you can expand the tax base to loot.

Your government is corrupt! You do not work for what you eat. Your own children’s school fees are paid for by taxpayers’ money. You and your cronies are benefiting from PSMAS contributions while civils servants queue for days in PSMAS clinics without drugs. The cars you drive are fueled and serviced by taxpayers’ money. When will it end, you who found pleasure in listening to mudara Dzobo’s moans and groans. Little did he know that his offspring from that rueful early morning escapade would be left to be tormented by your ilk? If only he had known, he would have stopped.

Zimbabweans need jobs! As a government you should have by now developed high tech cities to encourage the use of ICTs; why can’t your government stop the rot at AirZim; GMB; NRZ; Hwange; etc. and create jobs; why is it you do not question yourself on why we continue to produce engineers; doctors; IT technicians, geologists and they continue to flock out of the country?

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