ZANU PF factionalism, crankpots, fascists and sellouts according to Mutsvangwa

22 Aug

So Chris Mutsvangwa has decided to go on a trailblazing attack of his peers in ZANU PF calling them all sorts of names (putchist crankpots with no appreciation of statecraft, … ambitious coterie of political chancers; lumpen elements with criminal intent; Nazists with post-Rhodesian political agenda”) claiming to be a better and real hero than most. Well, I guess ZANU PF being the “democratic” party it is; everyone has a right to free speech and expression. However, no matter how much he tries pummeling this trick of attacking his peers from the other faction it will not work as the trick only serves to confirm to every Zimbabwean that ZANU PF and its members are not as invincible as they seem.

It is also trite to note that whatever stunts this Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and war veteran is pulling are only useful in so far as they demystify the perceived powers the untouchables in the party seem to have in the eyes of the rest of the nation. Beyond that, the misguided utterances by Chris Mutsvangwa are mere empty vessel like affirmations of trying to forcefully remind Zimbabweans that ZANU PF and any of its factions have a right to rule Zimbabwe until donkeys grow horns.

Of course, anyone in the right mind would be happy to see people like Didymus Mutasa, Mumbengegwi or Obert Mpofu put in place by their peers in that party. ZANU PF has some senior members who you would think that they were given a free reign of Zimbabwe from God. Thus anyone who gets to demystify their supposed false entitlement to their grip on Zimbabwe should be given a thumbs up.

My beef with Chris Mutsvangwa’s utterances are numerous: There is an implied assumption from his remarks to his colleagues that there are bigger, better and more real heroes than others in ZANU PF and in the country. This cannot be true. Every other Zimbabwean who lived during the period of colonial settlement and occupation contributed to the liberation struggle in one way or the other. Others crossed the border to fight the white men, others became logistics supporters, thousands of women and girls cooked and sacrificed a lot during the struggle. Recently however, there have emerged stories of the real heroes of the struggle. ZANU PF and Chris Mutsvangwa need to disabuse themselves of the idea that the liberations struggle was theirs and theirs alone. To continuously trumpet these views is precisely meant to revive a false ZANU PF rhetoric that ZANU PF’s the only party entitled and supposed to govern Zimbabwe.

The plot gets even crazier when the ilk of Mutsvangwa start questioning the other members’ supposed achievements during the struggle. Honestly, who downed what chopper, threw what grenade and shot what sellout should really now be a matter left to history books. What about the doctors who cured comrades who were sick, what about the young women who were raped in the bush – what are they supposed to say. Are they not heroes too? Even those who were in exile or in foreign lands (London, Moscow, Algiers, Dar E Salaam) most of them where there to advance the liberation causes. So what nonsense is that that they did not participate in the struggle?

Furthermore, when the valiant attributes and contributions of the ZANU PF comrades are being questioned, it seems like the attackers or the enlightened in ZANU PF like Mutsvangwa conveniently turn a blind eye to issues like corruption, crime, etc. How come in these attacks no one is ready to give us a tale of what happened to Cde Mujuru; Rashiwe Guzha, Josiah Tongogara, the diamonds corruption in Marange etc. or even simply try to give solutions to the problems bedeviling ZIMASSET. Next time, these loud mouthed ZANU PF want to attack and question each other, include more issues pertinent to Zimbabweans rather be conveniently selective.

I’m sure President Mugabe laughs his way to bed every night from the unsolicited impromptu comic acts his lieutenants pull every now and then.

Zimbabwe should not and cannot be a ZANU PF colony forever!


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